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The Mark (Tips and #RealTalk For Mammas & Daddies)

  • What You Need to Know if Your Child Is Diagnosed With Severe Food Allergies

    Receiving a diagnosis of a severe food allergy for your child can be devastating. Some foods are incredibly difficult to avoid. Your life will be f...
  • On the Move: How to Baby Proof Your House When Your Little One Is Learning to Walk

    While it may be exciting to watch your little one take their first steps, it also presents a host of challenges. Before your child becomes mobile, ...
  • Home Modifications Every New Parent Needs to Make

    Becoming a new parent means no longer just thinking about yourself, but also keeping your little one in mind. In order to maintain a safe home envi...
  • How to Choose the Safest Car for Your Family

    When it comes to choosing the best car for your family, safety is at the top of the list of important factors. The most common cause of death in ch...
  • Preserving Your Favorite Baby Memorabilia After They Outgrow It

    Children grow up fast, and the baby stage never lasts as long as we'd like it to. While there's no way to slow the process, preserving your preciou...
  • What Do Babies Remember?

    Now that I am a mother, I want to make memories with my child. I want my children to look back one day at their childhood with fondness, but how exactly does memory work, especially with a baby? 

    Well, memory is an interesting thing. I’m a nerd for the neurological science behind how the brain creates memories. Did you know that before 18 months of age, your child only forms something called implicit memory? Hang with me here, ‘cause this is really cool….

  • Mother's Day Gift Idea!

    Create a fantastic Mother's Day gift with a memorable imprint of your baby!
  • Get Crafty with Baby's Mark!

    We have seen Baby's Mark used in a number of creative ways, so we thought we would pass them along. Here are few of our favorite uses!
  • Pro Tips For Using Baby's Mark!

    Our pro testers have come up with some great tips for using Baby's Mark and we wanted to pass it along to you!