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Welcoming All that Becoming a Mother or Father Brings

Becoming a mother or father changes you deeply. When a small, vulnerable baby enters your world and you realize how utterly dependent she is on you, a beautiful yet perhaps terrifying shift occurs in your heart. If you have yet to feel the extremes of your emotional and mental rope, parenting will definitely offer those opportunities. As soon as your child is born, what is also born is the incredible spectrum of all that is YOU. I hope that you welcome yourself as a new Mother or Father with the same love and grace for which you have welcomed your little one because we are all learning here.  

Here is a glimpse into what has been awakened within the incredible spectrum that is me as a mother. I bet you will relate. 

  • Becoming a mother has brought out some of the STRONGEST parts of me and also the WEAKEST. 
  • I’ve never felt this much LOVE for someone, nor so much FEAR. 
  • I’ve never LOVED and HATED Google so much. -- Information overload, am I right?
  • I have had some of my BRAVEST moments as a mother, and also some of my most ANXIOUS. 
  • Becoming a mother has required that I GIVE of myself more than I often thought possible, but has also FILLED my life in a way I could never have imagined. 
  • My body has never been so SOFT, nor my heart.
  • I have never wanted to be more in CONTROL than now, while simultaneously seeing with new eyes how utterly not in CONTROL I am. 
  • I have shared some of the BEST moments parenting alongside my husband, and have also shared some of the WORST fights. 
  • I have never wanted a MOMENT to myself so much, while also missing my child so soon.
  • I have seen that I am more CAPABLE than I often believe, but I’ll likely still doubt my CAPABILITY regrading tomorrow. 

As we welcome our little ones into the world, welcome yourself too, for what you are and for what you are becoming. You will likely face the extremes of so many emotions and experiences during parenthood. I hope you embrace it just as you have your child when they smile and coo and when they scream and cry.  

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