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The Best Dog Breeds if You Have Young Children at Home


Dogs make great companions for small children. When purchasing a dog for your child, he or she will be provided with a source of love that is unconditional. Your child will also learn the traits of cooperation and responsibility from helping to care for the new addition to your family. When deciding on a dog breed, you should carefully consider the age of your child and the lifestyle your family currently enjoys. The individual characteristics of each breed is also an important consideration.

Golden Retrievers

Any conversation regarding the best dog breeds for families with children will include Golden Retrievers. The breed takes its name from the dense coat of gold it sports and is known for its outgoing personality. Golden Retrievers are trustworthy dogs that never miss out on a chance to please members of their family. Golden Retrievers are powerful and energetic dogs that need plenty of recreation. This dog is better suited to a family that has the time to spend with it outdoors.

Boston Terriers

Boston Terriers make lively companions for children and the great manners they possess are the reason they are nicknamed "The American Gentleman." These dogs are solidly built, well-balanced, and usually weigh about 25 pounds or a little less. Boston Terriers are even-tempered, which makes them great around small children. Your family's new addition will be a natural comedian that is always game for a brisk walk when you choose a Boston Terrier as a pet.


Pugs have a wonderful and interesting history that includes time spent as companions for Chinese emperors and a stint as Holland's royal House of Orange's official mascot. The popularity of the Pug is as high now than at any other time in its history and the dog is a favorite of dog lovers across the globe. Pugs are small, muscular dogs that possess large heads. Perhaps the favorite feature of the Pug is the wrinkled brow that allows the animal to show human emotions like curiosity, happiness, and surprise on its face. Pugs adapt to most environments and are equally at home in the city or country. They are also great companions for dog lovers of any age.


The Beagle is a loyal companion and a skilled hunter that sports a great personality. These dogs were originally bred to be pack hunters so they are most comfortable when they have someone around with whom they can share the day. The first of the two Beagle types stands between 13 and 15 inches tall. The second type stands less than 13 inches when measured at the shoulder. They can also come in an assortment of colors that include red, lemon, white, and tricolor. Beagles are happy companions and have earned the position as America's favorite hound dog. Beagles make excellent family dogs and are great playmates for small children.

Bichon Frise

The Bichon Frise is known for having one of the greatest personalities of any dog breed available. They usually stand about a foot tall and sport a plush, white coat that is irresistible to the touch. The Bichon Frise is a well-mannered dog that is adaptable to most situations. You will have a great companion for both children and any other dogs in the house if you choose to bring a Bichon Frise home.


Bulldogs are kind and gentle animals that possess more than enough courage to make good protectors of your child. The Bulldog is built thick and low to the ground with a "sour mug" face that at times seems a bad match for their docile nature. The powerfully built Bulldog can weigh up to 50 pounds. This can be adorably uncomfortable since a favorite Bulldog activity is curling up in the lap of its owner. Bulldogs have an easygoing way about themselves but are quite energetic. They love power walks and need regular exercise to stay fit and happy. The short snout of the Bulldog can sometimes affect its breathing and hot, summer days for the dog are often best spent in an air-conditioned room.


Collies are among the most recognizable dogs anywhere you go in the world. Part of this popularity is due to the fact the Collie has been a pop culture star seen regularly on television for many decades. The Collie is a rather large dog that stands from 22 to 26 inches when measured at the shoulder. The fondness Collies have for children is well-known by anyone who has ever spent a substantial amount of time around the breed. Collies are swift and athletic. They also enjoy exercise and companionship.


Poodles are great companions that are available in three sizes. A standard poodle will stand a little more than 15 inches tall while miniature poodles will measure in under the 15-inch mark. The third type of poodle is the toy poodle which is shorter than ten inches. The bodies of the three poodle varieties are similarly proportioned and have the same build. Many people mistakenly believe the poodle to be a weak dog because of its small stature. This is not true. Poodles are naturally blessed with strength and athleticism and are always eager to please their families. All three poodle varieties are great with children and display a high level of intelligence.

Irish Setter

Irish Setters are known for their grace, high-spirit, and impressive red coat. Setters are sweet-tempered family dogs that are great with children. Irish Setter lovers will tell you their favorite dog breed is the most beautiful on earth. The Setter stands about 24 inches tall and is endowed with a brilliant chestnut or mahogany coat. The personality of Irish Setters has made them a favorite with humans for two centuries.

A family dog is a family addition your children will cherish throughout their childhoods. There are many dog breeds available that make great pets. The trick is matching the best dog breed to the personality and lifestyle of your family. The nine dog breeds above are all excellent selections for families with small children.

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