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Traveling With A Baby? Here's What You Need To Know!

Life takes a sharp turn after having a baby. And rightfully so. Taking care of your baby and finding your way on the map is definitely a big task. It’s no secret that while some journeys will be easy, others will be difficult. But there are things that you can do to make traveling with a baby a lot less stressful. 

This blog is about helping you prepare for your much-awaited trip. Plus, it also gives an idea of what to expect if this is the first time you travel with your baby. 

What’s it like traveling with a baby?

Well, delete the perfect picture you saw on social media where the parents and kids look put together, and their journey feels like a dream. In reality, traveling with kids can be tricky and messy.

So, to answer your question, traveling with a baby can be a mix of emotions. You may feel stressed, anxious, or at the brink of losing your sanity, but know that it is doable, and we will show you how you can do it with minimum strain.

Make your journey easier by following these tips:

All aspects of parenthood are demanding, and traveling is no exception. However, you can make it happen with enough planning, following some traveling tips, and holding your sanity together during the journey.

Here are the top ten tips to save you travel stress:

1. Prepare like your life depends on it! 

It takes a minimum of fifteen minutes to plan and pack when you are just heading out for groceries with your baby. So, a lengthy trip with a baby definitely requires thorough planning and military precision packing. 

The best thing is to list what you will need for your baby and the destination. Then, once you have penned and planned the basics, rip the list to shreds. Because, hey, parenting is all about tapping into unchartered waters. 

2. But don’t overpack

It is not easy to calm the temptation to pack everything from the closet to the things in your kitchen. But wait! Overpacking can be a huge responsibility, especially when traveling with a baby. 

Think about the things your baby and you can do without. Remember, the more things you have to take care of, the tougher it will be during the trip. So plan wisely and pack smartly.

3. Can you ship ahead?

If there are things that you simply cannot do without, or you are traveling for a more extended period, try exploring the option of shipping ahead through Amazon or luggage shipping sites so that when you reach your destination, you have all the essential things waiting for you. 

Bonus: you don’t want to be in a new place with brands you may have never used so ship things like baby formula, diapers, wipes, etc., to prevent any added stress.

4. Schedule your travel during nap time

Babies can be very fussy during travel. Plus, babies can be sensitive to travel movements and noise, making them uncomfortable. That’s why syncing the travel time with the baby’s nap schedule becomes so important. 

It will not only make your overall traveling experience much smoother but will also be less stressful for the baby. In addition, it works exceptionally well with flights or short trips.  

5. Carry the infamous first-aid kit

You never know what might happen when traveling with kids. Do yourself a favor and carry a first aid kit so that you are not wandering on the street looking for a pharmacy only to discover that they need a prescription. 

Pack medicine for flu, fever, cold, bug bites, headaches, or your prescription, and get your supplies ready days before the travel date.

6. Leaving or arriving a little early

If you are traveling by car, then leave a little early. And if you are catching a flight, arrive a little early at the airport. Having that cushion time is always great when traveling with a baby. 

But be mindful not to overdo it, as having too much excess time can also make you and the baby irritable. And we don’t want that!

7. Feed the baby strategically

You can calm your baby and make your trip better by strategically feeling your baby. For example, if you are traveling via flight, feed your baby during the takeoff and landing, preventing the airplane ear. 

If you are traveling by car, feed your baby before the pit stops so that you can use that time to eat or freshen up yourself rather than being tied to the baby. 

8. Get a baby carrier or a travel stroller

Baby carriers and travel strollers are lifesavers. They come in handy, leaving you with free hands and ensuring the baby stays unhindered.

So, depending on your preference, get a baby carrier to wear the baby close to you or a travel-friendly stroller to make this journey less stressful. 

9. Pack a separate baby bag

Yes, I know that 70 percent of your luggage is baby stuff, but you also need a quick-access baby bag so that you won’t have to dig down into your other bags to find where you put the baby wipes. 

Prepare a medium-sized baby bag to carry with you and pack things like extra diapers, wipes, outfit changes, baby toys, milk bottles, a small pack of formula, and all the other things that you might need on hand.  

10. Prepare for the worst

Traveling with a baby is all about being flexible and having presence of mind. So, think of the absolute worst that could happen on the trip and try to cater to it by planning ahead. 

Booking a bassinet or a front seat on a plane ride, getting a car seat for the baby, or simply choosing a hotel that allows you to mimic a home environment are great ways to make your traveling time with the baby more pleasant. 

Take Away

Traveling with a baby can be restrictive and often expensive. Still, by following the traveling tips and becoming a travel-savvy parent, you can become more efficient and make wonderful memories with your baby!

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