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Pro Tips For Using Baby's Mark!

Our pro testers have come up with some great tips for using Baby's Mark and we wanted to pass it along to you!

Tip #1: The ink film has one side that has a red sticker indicating the side that should go against the blank card. Try not to touch this side as some of the material could come off on your finger. No big deal if it does as it washes easily. Place one of the cards (or a card of your own choice!) against the side with the sticker and press the side without the sticker on your baby's foot or hand.

Tip #2: Brace the card and ink film when pressing it against baby. Try placing something firm behind the ink film and card (like a book or a coaster) to help brace the pad when pressing it.

Tip #3: Babys are wiggly! Try waiting 'till your little one falls asleep before pressing their hand or foot on the pad. You want baby to be very still so that they don't smear the print. Be sure that every part of the surface of your baby's hand or foot contacts the film.

Happy Marking!

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