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On the Move: How to Baby Proof Your House When Your Little One Is Learning to Walk

While it may be exciting to watch your little one take their first steps, it also presents a host of challenges. Before your child becomes mobile, it is important that you have prepared your home for this new season in life. Here are three things to consider as you baby proof your home when your little one is learning how to walk.

Keep Your Home Clean

A spotless home will go a long way in helping to keep your child safe as they become mobile. It’s important to remove all potential fall hazards in order to keep your child safe. Keeping clutter off of the floor will help to mitigate the dangers of tripping and falling for your emerging walker. You also need to take care to keep floors clean so that beginning walkers do not slip and fall on wet or slippery spots.

Put Baby Gates Up

Baby gates are some of the most useful tools that you have in your arsenal to protect your child as they learn to walk. It is imperative that you use baby gates at the top and bottom of any staircase. You can also use baby gates to block off potentially dangerous parts of the home that you do not want your child exploring. Today's modern baby gates are easier than ever to use, making them a convenient way to keep your child contained in the safe parts of the home.

Give Bathrooms Special Care

When it comes to small children on the move, bathrooms pose a host of risks. For this reason, it is important that you give the bathroom extra attention when baby proofing. Keep in mind that toddlers can drown in just a small amount of water, making it important that you prohibit access to the toilet. In addition, you also need to secure all of your medications and toiletry items that may be harmful when ingested or touched. Toilet seat covers and cabinet locks will go a long way to protect your child from the dangers in any bathroom.

Although it may be overwhelming to think about all that needs to be done to prepare for a mobile baby, it is vital that you take the necessary precautionary measures. You will feel more peace of mind once you have taken these steps.

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